Rediscovery Centre, The Boilerhouse, Ballymun

The site is located in Ballymun, Dublin 9. The development includes a new sustainable building for the Rediscovery Centre. The building consists of workshops as well as exhibition areas. The Rediscovery Centre is a social enterprise dedicated to providing community employment and training via innovative reuse enterprises which use waste and unwanted materials as a resource and raw material for new product design.

The design team has taken the ethos of the Rediscovery Centre into account in the approach to designing this building. The project demonstrates how a building at the end of its life can be re-used through innovative design and become a valuable community resource. The building has been developed as an exemplar of sustainable design and aims to achieve exceptional standards in energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

A key feature of this building is that it is a prototype 3D textbook building, what this means is that the building structure, materials used in construction, mechanical and electrical services water usage , waste water recycling are all visible, accessible , and tell the story of their function.

The buildings various energy and recycling systems are all provided with multiple sensors to provide an evolving database which can be accessed through the cloud by third level research students.

This project had a strong emphasis on sustainability with a requirement for 80% on site energy generation and BER of A2.  The client brief was to incorporate innovative and renewable technologies and platforms that have the potential to educate and influence the behaviour of its visitors which can be applied at a European Community level.

Our design incorporates a number of sustainable technologies including an air source heat pump, micro CHP, solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and rainwater harvesting.  We utilised dynamic modelling and simulation to prove that 80% of energy would be generated on-site.

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