Mater Adults Hospital, Dublin 7

This is a state of the art acute healthcare facility to best international standards and latest technological advances for M&E. It was designed by Homan O’Brien from start to finish on the site of an existing urban live hospital campus at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital which will deliver quality healthcare to Dublin North well into the twenty first century.

Homan O’Brien was appointed in 1998 to this project, which was one of the largest and most complex strategic healthcare projects delivered in this state, and we have delivered a facility to current international best practice design under the same appointment.

The new complex acute Mater Adult’s Hospital is designed and co-ordinated in an urban area over 60,000sq.m, with twelve operating theatres one of which is a hybrid theatre and four of which are ultra clean ventilation. The project is an extension to an existing hospital which remained fully operational during the build phase. The redevelopment included demolition of existing buildings and infrastructure, decanting and enabling projects with significant planning and construction complexities which preceded the main hospital construction.

The project was a complex contractual arrangement during the transition from employer led design to Design Build delivering this State of the Future Art Hospital to agreed milestone dates and budget of €160M. The project started as a traditional Employer led design under the GDLA form of contract and transitioned into a new Government Form of Public Works Contract as a Design Build arrangement with a novated design team which was the first of its kind for a large scale public works project.

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