The Marine Institute

The works comprise the development of a green field site to provide the Marine Institute with the following accommodation:

  • Laboratories and offices of approximately 9,900sq.m.
  • Associated outbuildings 300sq.m.
  • Crèche Building of approximately 400sq.m.

The completed research facility in Rinville, Oranmore has 54 Research Laboratories in two laboratory blocks. The modular design of the laboratories will allow each block to be modified as Science evolves. Research and monitoring programmes carried out here include marine food safety, fish stock assessment, marine biodiscovery, fish health, aquaculture and oceanography.

The Marine Institute incorporates a 147 seat Auditorium and is used for national and international marine science conferences.  It has full digital audio-visual television and stills projection controlled from a central console at the podium.

Homan O’Brien carried out the full design of all the mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems including the fume cupboards, process utilities, process gases including nitrogen generators, laboratory air, cold rooms, freezer rooms, building energy management control system, electrical and lift services for the project from the conceptual stage right through to detailed design stage. We also carried out the technical briefing stage with the End Users at the outset of the project.

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