Beacon Hospital

  • Beacon 3T MRI
  • Beacon Clinical Laboratory relocation
  • Beacon Hospital Ward accommodation
  • Beacon Non-Invasive Cardiology
  • Beacon Sports Medicine

Bon Secours Hospital

  • Bon Secours Cork Operating Theatres
  • Bon Secours CSSD Systems upgrade
  • Bon Secours Dublin Medical assessment Unit (MAU)
  • Bon Secours Dublin OT1 refurbishment
  • Bon Secours Fire Systems upgrade
  • Bon Secours Fluoroscopy Systems upgrade
  • Bon Secours Infrastructure upgrade
  • Bon Secours ward upgrades

Connolly Hospital

  • Connolly Hospital CT Unit
  • Connolly Hospital Elderly Care Unit
  • Connolly Hospital Endoscopy Suite CDU
  • Connolly Hospital Surgical Block
  • Covid 19 Ward Accommodation Design-Sisk

Hamad Medical Centre Doha Radiotherapy Cyclotron Unit

The Facility received the Cityscape Award 2012 for the best building in Public Sector and also received the Hospital Build Award 2013 for the best hospital design in the Middle East

Mater Hospital

  • Mater Hospital Centre for Nurse Education
  • Mater Hospital Medical Gas Study
  • Mater Hospital Nuclear Medicine.
  • Mater Hospital Nurses Accommodation

Nenagh General Hospital

  • Nenagh General Hospital CSSD
  • Nenagh General Hospital Oncology

Portiuncula A&E refurbishment

Santry SSC Theatre Block and Ward accommodation extension

St Columcilles Mental Health Unit Feasibility Study

St Vincent’s Hospital Fairview Exemplar Design Mental Health Unit

Temple Street Children’s Hospital MRI and CT

Whitfield Clinic

  • Whitfield Clinic Cardiac Care Ward Accommodation CCU
  • Whitfield Clinic Cardiac Catheterisation Lab
  • Whitfield Clinic Feasibility Study