During the current Covid-19 restrictions on movement etc., Homan O’Brien continues to be committed to the welfare and safety of all our staff, our clients and their families. We continue to provide high levels of client service on Essential Projects.

  • We have introduced a range of measures in full compliance with Government Guidelines and Health Service Executive advice whilst ensuring continuity of service.
  • We have enhanced our remote working capability for all staff members.
  • We are conducting all of our meetings via video conferencing tools such as MS Teams, Zoom, Skype and WebEx.
  • As we are working on many essential Healthcare Project Sites, which remain open, we are continuing our normal service of Design, Inspection and Certification adhering to all CIF policies and HSE Guidelines on social distancing and other control measures.
  • Our phone lines remain open and all phone calls and emails are being dealt with as normal.
  • If you wish to contact any staff member please continue to do so as normal.
  • We will be returning to the office in a controlled manner from June 8th. We will continue to work remotely where possible.